Pro Bono Canada supports pro bono programs that deliver of free legal services annually to more than 36,000 low- income Canadians who have nowhere else to turn.

These programs assist self-represented litigants, vulnerable children, survivors of domestic abuse and victims of fraud and elder abuse. Pro Bono Canada’s funding means the difference between food on the table and hunger, shelter and homelessness, hope and despair.

Stewardship: Pro Bono Canada only funds pro bono programs that provide direct legal services.

Pro Bono Canada does not provide funding for meetings, think tanks, conferences or research. Pro Bono Canada uses a transparent formula to distribute funds and monitors the performance of its grantees. Pro Bono Canada is also committed to being the best in class in terms of capping its own administrative costs at 5% or less.

How Can You Help? If you are involved in a class action case and are unable to distribute all the funds, consider Pro Bono Canada as a cy pres recipient. When a cy pres award is channeled to Pro Bono Canada, you can rest assured the funds will be used in a manner consistent with the intent of the award. And you can make a significant difference in the lives of Canadians who desperately need free civil legal assistance for safety, shelter and peace of mind.

You can also make donations directly to Pro Bono Canada here.